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Friday, March 24, 2006

Is Our Prison Haunted?

Many times throughout the year we are asked this question. While we can't give a definite answer, we can say this. Our prison was in operation from 1871 until 1979. The Old Montana Prison saw ten's of thousands of inmate's for every crime imaginable. Many bad things happen in prison, from planned executions to murder, riots, assaults of all types and general mayhem. These walls have seen it all and if they could talk we would be told of a saga of shocking and epic proportions.

Every emotion known to mankind has penetrated every inch of this prison. Is it unreasonable to think that perhaps something is left over here? When the inmates left this prison, for whatever reason, they left behind a part of themselves, so perhaps a part of that still lives on inside the walls of the Old Montana Prison.

It's something to think about.


Blogger shelleyhd43 said...

I toured the Montana Prison July 26th 2006. When I got home and downlaoded my pictures I found a figure behind the bars in a very scarey cell block. You can clearly count four fingers and a thumb on each hand, and see the shape of a face from the checkbones down. You can see the bulb of his nose and a mouth, chin and cheeks. I didnt see any of this with the naked eye while I was there. This was the only cell block I could not walk into and had to crab my husband when I got chills and was completely creeped out. The only other area I had a very hard time with was the women maximum security area. Extremely spooky with vibes that leave you knowing yu were not alone there.

5:39 PM  
Blogger Old Prison Museum Complex said...

Hi Shelley,
Would you mind e-mailing me the picture at I would absolutely love to take a look at it. We have found paranormal activity in the cellhouse, so I would be interested in seeing the pic. A lot of our visitors say the same thing about Max...and many just can't go in there or stay in there so you are not alone with how you felt. I'm glad you got to visit the Old Montana Prison and I hope you enjoyed yourself!

Business Manager

6:16 PM  

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