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The Old Prison Museum Complex is located in Deer Lodge, Montana. We hope to get a chance to interact with you, answer questions and post current events that are happening here at the Old Prison Museum Complex. Feel free to post comments or ask questions!

Friday, March 24, 2006

Paranormal Investigations Planned

We are excited about the upcoming paranormal investigations that are planned here at the Old Montana Prison. Last year, TSI, a group from Missoula, Montana came in and did 2 seperate investigations. You can read about those results here

On March 30th, April 1st and 2nd, the West Coast Ghost Hunters will arrive to conduct another investigation. Spanning over the course of several nights, this group will study different area's of the prison for any sign of paranormal activity. Through the use of camera's, recorders, alarms, sensors and video equipment they will seek to capture evidence that something still exists in our prison.

On April 14th and 15th, TSI will return for another investigation. On an interesting note, this time frame earmarks the 47th anniversary of the 1959 riot, where the take-over finally ended by a bazooka blast to the cellhouse and a murder-suicide by the ring leaders. Do you think the anniversary of a bloody riot will stir up any paranormal activity in our prison walls? Time will tell...

The results of these investigations will be posted here so check back often to view the results.


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