The Old Prison Museum Complex

The Old Prison Museum Complex is located in Deer Lodge, Montana. We hope to get a chance to interact with you, answer questions and post current events that are happening here at the Old Prison Museum Complex. Feel free to post comments or ask questions!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Busy Times At The Old Prison Museum Complex

The staff at the Old Prison Museum Complex have been busy preparing for the upcoming season. The Montana Auto Museum is the scene of a lot of activity. We are preparing for the arrival of several beautiful cars, which will make any car buff drool with excitement. We recently received a lip smacking black cherry 1970 Chevelle Super Sport! This car has been newly restored and is absolutely breath-taking. We will also be displaying a Corvette Concept Car in the window of our museum which will be an awesome sight to behold.

A lot of work goes into the Montana Auto Museum. Cars must be moved and re-arranged to make room for more and it's not an easy task. Imagine having to move a row of 10 cars in a tight space to make room for one more! Each move of the car is carefully planned out and when it comes time to move the cars, all of the players come together like a well choreographed ballet. Everyone knows their part and their moves and the cars are treated like newborn babies. It really is a sight to behold and we hope everyone appreciates the beauty of these cars as we do.

Be sure to plan on stopping by the Montana Auto Museum if you are anywhere near Deer Lodge, Montana. The Montana Auto Museum was listed by USA Today as one of the top 10 car museums in the US! We are proud of that distinction and everyone works hard to make the museum top-notch.