The Old Prison Museum Complex

The Old Prison Museum Complex is located in Deer Lodge, Montana. We hope to get a chance to interact with you, answer questions and post current events that are happening here at the Old Prison Museum Complex. Feel free to post comments or ask questions!

Saturday, April 08, 2006

If The Walls Could Talk

If the walls could talk, what would they tell us? As I was walking down the east corridor of the cell house last Friday night, I asked myself that question. It was about 2:00 a.m., the building was in complete darkness, except for some distant street lights, and the silence was deafening. The paranormal investigator's were quietly going about their work, snapping photo's and video-taping in "the hole". About midway down the corridor, I stopped and gazed to the top of the cellhouse. Looking at each tier, I could almost see the inmate's inside their cell's, arms hanging out, talking with each other or to themselves. I could hear distant shout's of voice's, perhaps projecting feelings of anger, agony or fear. I glanced over at the catwalk high above me and pictured a correctional officer, walking along ever so confident and whistling to himself. Did they feel no fear at those heights? Did they ever look down and feel that sudden rush of adrenaline when they realized where they were? As questions raced through my mind, I was awestruck with the building surrounding me. I wasn't standing in the middle of a mall or grocery store, I was standing in the middle of history.

As I continued my walk down the east corridor of the 1912 Cellhouse, I glanced over at the walls and realized all the answers lie within. If only the walls could talk, we would get a never-ending history lesson.

West Coast Ghost Hunters Complete Investigations

The crew from the West Coast Ghost Hunter's spent two nights investigating our prison. Perhaps when someone thinks of ghosthunter's they flash back to the famous movie "Ghost Buster's" starring Bill Murray. Well, this group of individual's did not arrive wearing proton packs and funky suits, but they came very well prepared. They had studied the history of our prison and many key individuals and they were certainly well-versed on what had happened within our walls. And for that we are most appreciative. Spending two nights investigating the many area's of our prison, they gathered pictures, video's and tape recordings of literally every inch of our prison. At last count, they took over 3000 digital pictures within the walls, so all of this information is still being looked at. We will share the findings with you as soon as everything has been reviewed.